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Born Hugues R. BOYER aka DiiJRAY, also known as Ray, started as a simple classic piano player back in Haiti. Having to learn from his father, Port-au-Prince's unique Maestro and pianist, his siblings and he grew up around music. In high school, he was invited to a house party where he was inspired by a DJ. That night was the beginning of his story. Soon he developed that ability and made it not only a passion but also a work of art.


With the support of friends and family, he made his way up in Haiti: from house parties to popular clubs. In 2005, he left Haiti to settle in New York. where he started his new journey and sharpened his style by performing in several Clubs, lounges, and corporate events.


Ray has also had the opportunity to open for a great list of hometown and international performers; MoonChild, VYAB, Carimi, Dotman, Chris A, Young Paris, to say the least. 

Ray's best spotlight moment was at the SXSW Music Festival, where his Afro-Caribbean style seduced the eyes of many promoters and club owners leading him to a new chapter. 6 months later, he closes the summer with a bang with his unique performance yet at the "Austin Summer Carnival".


Based in Texas, he is now one of Austin's finest Resident DJ / Remixer, aiming to open the culture to others.

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